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A startup foundations builder. Practical, pragmatic and logical. Leadership roles across Australia and US in tech companies from managed services businesses to US SaaS startup unicorn 🦄 Ex-Microsoft small & mid-market channel leader. Excels in ambiguity, lives for the "messy middle" in growing companies. Sales, marketing and management all-rounder. Passion for leadership, org culture, stoicism and mental well being at work 🧠


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A people person. Empathetic, positive and passionate 💓 A natural leader and coach. 15+ years experience in marketing, brand management, communications, community engagement. Worked across Australia and US in FMCG, wine industry, local government and not for profits. Builder of strong and rewarding relationships 🤝 Loves health and fitness, time with friends and family and travel. 15 years experience being a Mum.



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A knack for cutting through the clutter to seize opportunities. 20+ years of experience in risk management and trading plus retail store ownership and an ecommerce startup 💳 Mastered the art of identifying core opportunities and weaknesses that hold startups back. Your BS-free guide to see the forest from the trees and drive growth 📈 Helps to nail down your next move.


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Uniquely experienced having held positions as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer across a range of industries 🦸🏼‍♂️ Most effective working with people who align to a purpose and passion and are willing to play hard to achieve it 🏋️ Vast experience across technology management, product development, business development, business operations & leadership.

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