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“Extremely fortunate to have had him on our journey."


A startup advisor in your pocket

Async video-based help to lead and grow a startup business. 100% asynchronous - no stuffing about with time zones and meeting slots. A small team of real advisors who have been in your shoes. No egos. Relationship driven. No b*llsh!t.

100% async advice

Risk free 7 day trial

100% humans. No AI.

Learn more about our founder and lead advisor, Clayton Moulynox, interviewed recently on Disrupt Radio's Startup Nation.

Clayton - Startup Nation - Oct 2nd '23
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Building and leading teams in a startup is hard

Founders and leaders of modern startups are expected to be superhuman.

But that's know Superheroes aren't real, right? So, you go seeking advice from blogs, podcasts, newsletters...but quickly, you're drowning in a sea of endless generic advice or, God forbid, Gary Vaynerchuck videos.

Sure, one-size-fits-all sounds great... if you’re buying a hat, not steering a startup. With every piece of generic and often conflicting advice, your startup's pace slows to a crawl. It's decision paralysis - the beginning of your startup slowdown.

Often, all you really want is someone you trust to run an idea past, sanity check your thinking, or share some insight to help you get unstuck. Someone who's been in your shoes and knows about your business.


But you've probably resigned to the belief that strategic advice is either too generic to be useful or too expensive to get a hold of.

Your Startup’s Secret Weapon: Tailored Guidance on Tap

Imagine having a secret weapon for your startup's unique journey. That’s us.  


We're like having a wise old sage in your pocket – but with more tech-savvy and less beard.

Get laser-focused, tailored guidance that results in faster decision-making and a more efficient path to growth.

Imagine just getting sh*t done by teaming up with someone who's done these things before, and helps companies like yours every day.

Here's the secret: Nobody does it on their own!

We've worked with these switched-on leaders

How we help OfferFit

How we help OfferFit

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Eugenio Pace - CEO, Auth0

"I feel extremely fortunate to have had him on our journey. He is a 'foundations builder.'"


Kiera Lewis - General Manager, Vudoo

"I'm always inspired or pick up something new in every conversation."


Gerard Ward - CEO, Testgrid

"Strongly recommend to anybody growing a technology business."


Simon Graindorge - COO, Oncores

"Have made a hugely positive impact in a short time."

Watch a video of real conversations with real Startup Foundations Builder customers.

The advantages


Always on advisory

Imagine a world where strategic guidance is just a tap away, any time of day. No scheduling hassles, just advice when you need it most. The ultimate convenience for busy startup leaders, ensuring you're never alone in decision-making.    


Face-to-face async video

Forge a genuine personal connection with your advisor through video. It's not just words; it's a face, an expression, a real person. A more personalized, relatable, and engaging advice experience. Better than generic. Human, not AI.


Interactive transcripts

No need to frantically jot down notes. With interactive transcripts, it’s like having a photographic memory for every conversation. Quickly reference past advice and ensure no valuable insight slips through the cracks.


Global expertise and networks

Leverage the vast, varied international business experience of our seasoned team. From Microsoft, to a $6B startup - this is your passport to global insights, helping you navigate big challenges and get plugged in to our international networks and opportunities.


Exclusive, focused attention

Enjoy the luxury of exclusivity. With a small client base, our team dedicates more time and tailored focus to each startup, ensuring your business doesn't just become another number in a crowded roster. We're not an online marketplace of advisors. We're people who love helping people build things.

Trusted by companies just like you

We're based down-under in Australia. We work worldwide. We don't ride pet Kangaroos.

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Start free trial now - Limited intake!

community April Promo* - 50% off for 3 months.

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Prices are in USD and exclude applicable taxes.

Got questions? We've got answers!

*T&Cs: To qualify for discount, customers must commence a Trial and subscribe to services by Jun 30th 2024.

In the Media
Building a Unicorn Culture ft. Clayton Moulynox 🦄 (ex-Auth0, ex-Microsoft)
  • Is this suited to me?
    We work with startups that have usually raised at least a seed round, have a small team, are producing some revenue and who understand the importance of speed of execution. We also work with more mature startups - let's call them scale-ups - who have clearly found product market fit, are well funded and are on a path to revenue growth. We also work with established small businesses that have aggressive growth plans or are attempting to pivot. We generally work with founders, leadership team members, and/or senior managers. It's not uncommon for a founder to hire someone in a senior role - a first time VP of Customer Success for example - and then have them utilise our advisory services.
  • Why should I choose this over free resources?
    Unlike free, one-size-fits-all advice, our service offers personalized, actionable insights specifically for your startup, saving you time and leading to more effective decision-making.
  • How updated are your advisors on the latest trends and technologies?
    Our small team of advisors are continually updating their knowledge and skills - mainly because they're always working with new and interesting companies. They stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies, ensuring that the advice you receive is not only relevant but also forward-thinking.
  • Will this service be able to understand the unique challenges of my specific industry?
    Our advisors are seasoned professionals with diverse international experience across various industries. They are great at adapting their insights to the unique context and challenges of your specific industry. However, it'd be silly to think we know every intricacy about every industry - of course, we don't. If during the trial period we feel like we don't have enough depth of knowledge in your industry, we'll let you know and suggest we cancel at the end of the trial.
  • Why do you limit the number of clients you work with?
    We are not trying to build and scale some global advisory marketplace. We are a small team who have a "traditional" consulting and advisory business, but also wanted to find a way to work more conveniently with more amazing early stage startups at a fee level that was more affordable for them. So we came up with "The Startup Foundations Builder" where we set aside a portion of our time to work with a set number of clients across our async video advisory service, while also servicing our clients in our "traditional" consulting and advisory business. This means we get to know you and your business well.
  • Geez, it's not cheap! Is the service worth the monthly fee?
    We are extremely confident in our ability to offer exceptional value to founders and leaders. Not least because lots of people already pay us 😁. We get 7 days in the trial period to show you value. If we don't show you value, you won't keep paying...simple as that. Our service provides tailored, expert advice that's immediately applicable to your unique startup challenges, offering value far beyond generic online resources. We work with founders and leaders who have usually raised at least a seed round, are producing some revenue and who understand the importance of speed of execution.
  • How quickly can I expect a response?
    We don't guarantee a response time because we don't think of ourselves as a help desk or support function. Our service is like a conversation that goes back and forth - sometimes over days, sometimes hours. If you start a conversation, more often than not we will have chimed in within 24 hours.
  • Are there any hidden fees or charges?
    Nope. The pricing is transparent, and what you see is what you get - no hidden fees or additional charges. We do have a fair use policy as part of our T&Cs. If we think there's a mismatch between how you're using the service and our expectations of what's fair and equitable, we'll let you know - but we'll never charge you more unless we both willingly agree on and sign a new service agreement.
  • What if I don’t find the service useful?
    We offer a 7 day free trial. It's our obligation to show you how useful we can be in that period - otherwise why would you continue on! If you initially find our service helpful but then, within a few month, find it's not helpful, you can cancel any time. Because we work with a limited number of clients, there's very little incentive for us to string along clients where we can't provide excellent value. If, for whatever reason, we feel like we aren't adding enough value, we'll suggest ending the subscription ourselves.
  • What if I need more advice than what’s offered in the plans?
    Our plans are designed to cater to a range of advice, guidance and coaching. However, it's not suitable for getting deep in ongoing projects, offline research and analysis, "done for you" type services where we provide deliverables (a marketing plan, a pitch deck, a sales presentation, for example), fractional executive services where we assume a senior role in a fractional capacity, and some other services. But we understand that every startup is unique. If you require a deeper engagement, we offer more traditional consulting and advisory services (via out traditional consulting business) to ensure your specific requirements are met.
  • What types of things do you provide advisory on?
    Our advisors are seasoned professionals with diverse international experience across various roles within various industries. We most often provide advice in these areas: Go to Market | Product Market Fit | Sales Models and Process | Customer Success | Customer Acquisition | Leadership | Management Skills | Company Culture | Growth | Team Building | Risk Management | Marketing | Creative Concepts | Product positioning | Branding | +Other areas that surround and expand on these. If during the trial period we feel like we don't have enough depth of knowledge in an area where you're looking for advice, we'll let you know and suggest we cancel at the end of the trial. We know a lot, but we certainly don't know everything!
  • Is "unlimited" really unlimited?
    Sure. On the unlimited advisor plan, use our platform to seek guidance as much as you like. The maximum video length is 5 minutes, but a conversation can be made up of lots of 5 minute videos! We do not guarantee a specific response time, however it's typically within 24 hours. Our Async platform enables a natural back and forth conversation style with video, voice or text. Unlimited is also subject to the "fair use" details in our terms and conditions. Best thing to do? Give us a go on the free trial! If we don't show you value, just cancel 😁.
  • Can I really get quality advice without face-to-face meetings?
    Absolutely. Our asynchronous video consultations provide a personalized experience that's as close to face-to-face as it gets. This format allows for thoughtful, in-depth advice tailored to your specific needs. It also adds a layer of convenience, for you and us, and is why we are able to offer the service at rates considerably cheaper than in our "traditional" in-person consulting and advisory business. No scheduling time with PAs, no travel, no fancy lunches. Just great guidance over async video.



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